About me

Powerful storytelling for good

I’m a journalist with one eye on exploring Australia and the other on examining humanity.

I’m constantly drawn to the fascinating stories that surround us, hidden in plain sight: the African woman enslaved in Sydney; the Hazara refugee who carried her newborn onto a leaking boat to Australia, NSW’s flood-weary climate change refugees. I write about hope, empowerment and diversity.

I write news and features for publications and outlets including The Guardian, SBS, the ABC and Roaring Journals.

Not long ago, I was a senior writer for the Sydney Morning Herald. Before that, I was its Diary editor and, further back, its Life+Style editor. As well as reporting for the Herald, I wrote features that appeared in Fairfax Media’s NewsReview, Good Weekend, The (Sydney) Magazine, Sunday Life and The Age, and my weekly restaurant review column, Good Food on Sunday, was published in the SunHerald.

I headed to Sydney from New York, where I was a features editor and writer after my time at the Evening Standard in London. In between, I wrote for a host of broadcasters and titles including the BBC, CNN, Independent, National Geographic Green, and Australian Geographic. I also blogged at Notes From a Newsroom from 2008 to 2010.

Many years before that, I grew up living, studying then working in Germany, Jordan, the UAE, Peru, England, Canada and America.

I now live and work on unceded Bundjalung Country.