How being a refugee shaped my appreciation for education

My latest story for SBS is about the lovely Noor Azizah and her family’s fight to leave Myanmar’s Rakhine State. The Rohingya refugee talked to me from her home in Sydney, where her work as a teacher allows her to constantly reflect on her dramatic and long journey into Australian education. Read the story in … Continue reading

Please can we go home, now?

My story for The Guardian, about being marooned in a beautiful and distant place, isn’t about shipwrecks and daydreams, it’s about me and so many others all over the world whose lives depended – rightly or wrongly – on planes. Coronavirus, then, has put a spanner in the works… Read it over at The Guardian, … Continue reading

Justin Mackee had baked 258 cakes to get through isolation, but cake 259 was different, my story for the ABC

Update: My story of Justin’s epic baking efforts was picked up by the ABC. It’s attention so well-deserved by him and his a marathon of flour sourcing, carrot grating, rainy scootering and hot oven handling. Read it over at the ABC: Justin Mackee had baked 258 cakes to get though coronavirus isolation in Tokyo, but … Continue reading

Coronavirus and a three-year-old

  A three-year-old, two minutes, a mic and no warning: Welcome to Finia Fridays. In this first interview, we talk COVID-19, social distancing and the locked-down state of international air travel. Kind of. Me: Finia, what’s in the air and what are we scared of when we touch each other? Three-year-old: Um, coronavirus. And what … Continue reading