Human stories

A lot of the work I’ve done in the past few years has had a socially empowering, humanitarian bent. I’m lucky to have met and interviewed some of Australia’s most remarkable individuals, people whose life stories have stayed with me.

Here are some of my favourite bits and pieces from those encounters. I hope that articles like these might, little by little, counter some of the uglier discourses that seem to sit comfortably in the Australian mainstream. We can – and do – choose to see differently.

Sister Stories – an ongoing series of interviews with Global Sisters female entrepreneurs

SBS Voices – ongoing refugee profiles and humanitarian feature stories for SBS

How being a refugee shaped my appreciation for education

I was kidnapped and raped for being too beautiful

14 and living in the bail house: Meet the aunty saving kids from our unsafest streets

Myanmar’s secret frontline in medical education

Deng Thiak Adut’s Australia Day lecture focuses on freedom from fear

Three MSF health workers, three conflict zones, three tales of new life in war-torn chaos

‘We’re doing it for the kids’ say Aboriginal elders who refuse to leave remote communities

Indigenous health: No alcohol debit card backed by Noel Pearson divides Kununurra

I’m not going to leave them in Third World conditions

How a bottle of ginger tonic is changing one refugee’s life

‘Language isn’t working’: Artists illustrate leaked Nauru files in new exhibition

Not all visas are created equal

‘This is happening in Australia’: Sydney victim of slavery speaks out

‘Why do something just because that’s the way it’s done?’: Anna Robertson, the woman behind Yevu clothing

Migrant crisis: Rare joy as baby born on Medecins Sans Frontieres rescue ship

Health worker claims world ‘turned a blind eye’ on ebola

This city is where women fleeing Boko Haram go, and it is struggling 

What it means to be a ‘Leb’ in Australian culture 

Former Army chief compares war zone horrors to domestic violence

Counting dead women and domestic violence in Australia: How did we do in 2016?