The Kimberley portfolio

It’s been a while coming – 13 months to be precise – but here, finally, is a round-up of the news reports, features and bits and pieces that came out of my truly inspiring trip to the Kimberley in WA last year. Debit card divides community Read here 14 and living in the bail house: … Continue reading

Buying time

I am overwhelmed at the response – from friends and strangers alike – to this feature, published this weekend in Fairfax Media’s Good Weekend magazine. The reaction has been deep, gentle and sad for me – I hadn’t expected my words to touch people as they have, or to be so familiar to so many, … Continue reading

You’ve got mail

There are few more gentle and harsh places than Australia’s outback and most extreme rural reaches – and Kimberley dwellers in north east Western Australia are at the remotest end of a daunting spectrum. There, rains cut communities off for six months a year, provisions must be meticulously stockpiled and all mail – because who … Continue reading

These are a few of my favourite pings // 9.7

I was at a prime minister’s funeral on my birthday. I watched the sun set over Uluru with a prince and princess and was thrown sideways in a ute next to a sheep sheering display. I’ve climbed masts, thrown axes, driven fast cars, had a police escort, been chased by a dingo, waded through flood … Continue reading

2013 Federal Election Campaign Diary

My take on 2013’s Australian Federal Election, published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Buckle up, it’s campaignarama time… 6 August The money comes for Coalition 7 August Best laid plans 8 August Poster boy slips up 9 August Rupert dictates 12 August Just oozing their imagination 13 August Out for a duck 14 August Did … Continue reading

Taking a leaf out of nature’s book // 20 April 2013

Written in 2010 but never published, I don’t think… Timely again, as the Dreamliner lifts back into the skies, with any luck. Taking a leaf out of nature’s book The new Boeing Dreamliner has barely taken to the skies and Dr Julian Vincent of Bath University’s department of mechanical engineering is nonchalant. According to Vincent, … Continue reading

The (Sydney) Magazine // APRIL 2013

You beauty! My feature on the challenges, history and ultimately game-changing rise of multicultural models in Australia is out in the April issue of The (Sydney) Magazine. The brilliantly enigmatic Jessica Gomes, Samantha Harris and Shanina Shaik talk catwalks, stereotyping and bullying… WHEN they were at school, Jessica Gomes and Shanina Shaik were bullied. They … Continue reading

A love letter to the old Syria, Sydney Morning Herald // 2 August 2012

My piece from the Sydney Morning Herald, today. Another time … memories of Syria and Damascus. Photo: from the Dumas archives. Many faces of a troubled land In a corner of the old city of Damascus, along the Street Called Straight and beyond Bab Sharki’s backgammon set hawkers, lies a convent. There’s no diplomatic immunity, … Continue reading

Bogans, bashing, rorts and stoushes // 20 June 2012

My piece for Daily Life, 20 June 2012… —— So, bogan is actually a word. A bona fide, fully certified, 100 per cent pure, paid-up, proper word in the actual Oxford English Dictionary. Well, it’s about bloody time. Deliciously peculiar to Australia, the word is a sublime moniker for a social stratum of a nation … Continue reading