London Fashion Week, Faint Magazine // 5 Jan 2011

It’s September. The end of another all-too-short bright and sweaty summer in London. The first fresh pinches of autumn are beginning to creep into the mornings.

A number 6 double-decker sweeps by and dissolves into Aldwych’s curved, theatrical lanes. A camera flash pops and a tall, androgynous girl giggles.

The streets – these streets – are full. They’ve been filled, emptied, and filled again – over and over – for hundreds of years. The gum-trodden pavements have seen all there is to know in London – the shuffle of a trillion footsteps, the sounds of a billion stories and the lights of lives and lives played out in these worn, homely concourses…

Read the rest of my London Fashion Week Portraits piece for FAINT magazine. Or see pdfs below.

Words by Daisy Dumas, images by David Yeo.

2 Responses to “London Fashion Week, Faint Magazine // 5 Jan 2011”
  1. Crystal Ball says:

    David, I absolutely loved your Float and Bandage films – brilliant. More please! xxxxoooo

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  1. […] David and I worked together on Faint’s recent London Fashion Week coverage – read the more here. […]

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