2013 Federal Election Campaign Diary

My take on 2013’s Australian Federal Election, published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Buckle up, it’s campaignarama time…

6 August The money comes for Coalition

7 August Best laid plans

8 August Poster boy slips up

9 August Rupert dictates

12 August Just oozing their imagination

13 August Out for a duck

14 August Did I say that?

15 August Media watch

16 August Hit the north

19 August Elusive elder

20 August Never say die

21 August No, honestly

22 August So to speak

23 August Rudd no-show

26 August Right on song

27 August Almost reel

28 August Tally ho

29 August Diaz of our lives

30 August Got the look

2 September Labor’s campaign kick-off

3 September No end to Clive

4 September Chosen few

5 September Tony town

6 September Life’s a beach

7 September Diaz campaign ends in typical style

9 September Carr’s watch


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