Lunch with…

My favourite way to do journalisming is the long chat, fast turnaround profile piece. The best of these slots at Fairfax Media is the ‘Lunch with’ column in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Saturday section, NewsReview.

There, a page is dedicated to a conversation over lunch with a wonderfully interesting Sydneysider. Sometimes guarded, occasionally embarrassing and once over-excited, but never, ever, uninspiring, I enjoyed the talks as much as then threading together a life story from an outsider’s brief glimpse and weaving it all into the hum and tinkle of restaurant business.

My lot was as motley as it was awesome. A conductor, a Muslim activist, an octogenarian surgeon, a pop mathematician, a fashion designer, a world-champion surfer. I loved them all. So, here is a handful of my Lunch withs…

Lunch with Adam Spencer

Lunch with Richard Tognetti

Lunch with Layne Beachley

Lunch with Prof W Bruce Conolly

Lunch with Maha Krayem Abdo

Lunch with Anna Robertson




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