Having it All, Redefined


Fabulous career, happy family, imperfections galore…

“New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern has just had a baby, making her the second head of state in history to give birth while holding office. A moment to celebrate or a fact of modern life? Either way, she’s in good company with the millions of working women who juggle career, family and everything in between, each and every day.

We meet six women at the top of their game as we celebrate the game-changers, stumbling blocks and bright futures of Sydney working women.”

It was a fillip to write the latest cover feature for the seriously slick Ben & Co. magazine. Six extraordinary Sydney women, all at the top of their game, talked with me about the pressures of work, family and everything else – and whether, in their view, women really can have it all. From rewriting a broken childcare system to thrusting stay-at-home dads into the mainstream, the views and of our talented interviewees are opinionated and impassioned. But above all, they’re lived – so ‘having it all’ often means embracing the struggle and letting go. As Connie McKeage, CEO of OneVue, put it, “I make mistakes all the time … I’m not looking for perfection, I’m looking for happy.”

Read the full feature online, here, by scrolling through to page 10.


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