Global Sisters

I’m lucky to be writing a series of stories about the powerful sisterhood at Global Sisters, a charity that gives migrant, disenfranchised, homeless or stateless women the chance to run and profit from their own start-up businesses.

These are the people who work harder than I’ll ever need to to even find the doors that I simply pushed open. They don’t give up easily, they understand gratitude and they teach us not to take this safe, nourished and educated life for granted.

As part of the series, I’ve interviewed a Cambodian refugee who ran from Pol Pot and helped her father make steamed dumplings to help survive refugee camp. I’ve spoken with a Hazara rug maker whose community knots sorrow into its woven art. I’ve been bowled over by stories of tiny children and pregnant women escaping – and arriving in Australia – by boat.

Their one common thread is their determination to make good of the bad that went before.


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