Great Pacific Garbage Patch, 10 years on

Ten years ago, my first long feature for a commercial magazine was published and, to this day, Landfill-on-Sea for Ecologist remains my most searched-for piece of work. That’s because it taps into a massive and growing problem: our ever-swelling appetite for plastics. Plastic pollution in our oceans has shot up in the past decade, not … Continue reading

Feed, play, love

Had a baby, quit my job, packed a bag, headed to Europe. I guess somewhere, tucked behind the logistical efforts and nappy changes, there is a book about new beginnings and transformation and challenges and roaming: It’s made for a blog, really. Or at the very least an Instagram stream. Easier said than done, it … Continue reading

Apricots // 2 Dec 2012

The TV is bringing news from Homs. It is not good. It never seems to be, these days. She shakes her head, wrings out the dishcloth and folds it over the cold metal of the sink’s edge. Her nail polish, she notes, stirring the young jam – as the news anchor reels off a dark … Continue reading

King’s horses and King’s men // 1 Dec 2012

You know what I mean. The time you fucked up. The time you fell. The time, as you’d say, you dropped the ball. We thought you were something more. We thought you were different. I know there was more than once! But I think you and I both know what I’m talking about. You can … Continue reading