Sydney’s best fish and chips, CNN // 7 July 2011

Read my piece over at CNN, or stay here and read on… Here’s a catch. Sydney and fish go together like piping hot chips and a piece of freshly fried fish. It’s worth leaving the beaten track of the Sydney Fish Markets to the tourists and trying some local favorites. From the get-go, the essential … Continue reading

Sydney’s top five Little Italy eateries, CNN // 27 June 2011

Read my piece over at or read on here… In Sydney’s Little Italy, all things Italian permeate life like garlic in a ragu, and a journey reveals the real taste of Italian cooking. From pizzas to espressos, the delissimo grip on Sydney’s gastronomic landscape is as entrenched and authentic as ever. Long synonymous with … Continue reading

Sydney’s 5 most inventive coffees, CNN // 13 June 2011

Read my piece over at here It’s coffee, just not as you know it, by Daisy Dumas There’s something unexpected brewing in Sydney’s café core – and it’ll change the way you look at coffee forever. Far away from the espresso-based Flat White debate, a group of dedicated baristas are doing their best to … Continue reading

Sydney’s best kangaroo, CNN // 1 June 2011

Such is the Australian cultural peculiarity that the kangaroo not only adorns the national emblem and TV shows, but also dinner plates across Sydney. Lean, healthy and apparently beneficial as the meat may be, it’s probably not surprising that it is tainted with “Skippy Syndrome” — a public sympathy for not wanting to devour Joey’s … Continue reading

The great global buffet comes to Lakemba, CNN // 12 May 2011

My latest food feature for CNNGo… Island Dreams’ food is Malay-influenced and served with rainbow crackers. As media mogul James Packer blasts the tourism industry for marketing clichés, attention is turning to Sydney’s lesser-known treasures. The multicultural food offerings in Lakemba, in southwest Sydney, are really spicing things up. What down-at-heel Lakemba — which is named after … Continue reading

6 Vietnamese dishes in Cabramatta, CNN // 4 May 2011

My piece for CNN: Pigs’ trotters, congealed blood cubes, clawed chicken feet and duck fetuses were once more common in Saigon than Sydney. But Cabramatta, a western suburbs enclave of all things Asian, is home to 40 per cent of New South Wales’ Vietnamese population. And where Vietnamese tread, the country’s fragrant, subtle, poignant flavours … Continue reading

Fan-tache-tic India, CNN // 27 April 2011

Mo, tash, ‘stache, lip caterpillar, slug, even snickering cockroaches (as a pitiful poet once called Stalin’s). Call it what you will, the mustache comes with a fair dollop of history — and mirth — wherever it grows. From Magnum PI-styled symbol of virility to Borat-esque nose-tickler, the mustache shouts “pride” louder than most hairstyles. And … Continue reading