Arts pages, National Geographic Green

‘Time to reflect’ and ‘bat chat’ – I look at two new artistic comings-together of culture and ecology. The results are stunning. Time to reflect and bat chat, March 2010, National Geographic Green

My truly oar-some watery workout, London Lite

Dubious headlines aside, this was a very funny experience and I can confirm that I am not a natural on the water… Kayaking on London’s canals, 1 June 2009, London Lite, p1 Kayaking on London’s canals, 1 June 2009, London Lite, p2

Fighting Fit, Evening Standard

Fitness feature, published by the Evening Standard, January 2009. I take a Savate class to boost my agility, strength and fitness levels. Fighting fit 1 and Fighting fit 2

Pucker up and shed the pounds, London Lite

I strap on ninety-nine layers of attractive protection and, channelling Canuck, take to the rink. Ice hockey fitness feature, published by the London Lite, 12th January 2009. Pucker up 1 and Pucker up 2

Arabia’s fjords floated our boat, London Lite

London Lite, travel feature, published 17 October 2008. I visit the spectacular Musandam peninsular in northern Oman, sail on a Dhow and see the magical desert fjords. Arabian delights unfold in musandam1 and musandam2

How to tyre yourself out, London Lite

London Lite, health & fitness feature, published 22 September 2008. Burn flab and lose your spare tyre – geddit –  tyre1 and tyre2.

Beijing winners in town, London Lite

London Lite restaurant feature, published 20 August 2008. It was announced last week that the Lite has just hit a daily readership of 1 million! “With the Olympic games gripping London, now’s the perfect time to sample Beijing-style in the Capital…” Beijing winners in town 1, Beijing winners in town 2

Eastern Promise, London Lite

Double-page feature in London Lite newspaper, circulation 500,000, published 10th October 2007. I take a look at the best places to celebrate the end of Ramadan in London and enjoy a reviving mezze with all the trimmings. Eastern Promise – London Lite Eid article part 1 Eastern Promise – London Lite Eid article part 2