Snakes alive // 9 September 2010

Eegads! The creepy crawlies in this neck of the woods are doing their Sunday bestest to more than live up to their world-famous reputations.

On paradisical Moreton Island – a short hop from Brisbane – last weekend, some friends caught a display of mother nature at its procreative sharp end on a tin roof just a few doors away from my Aunt and Uncle’s place (where I was lounging, basking in ignorant bliss).

Mating Morelia pythons, better known as carpet snakes, intertwined in a lolloping, ritualistic spiral. The female is 3 metres long. She, like her mate, constricts around and suffocates her prey. Thanks to Trevor and Sue for having the calm temperament (and, frankly, balls of steel) to remember to film it all…


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