MailOnline: the first three weeks // 31 July 2011

New York’s been a steep learning curve so far – in three weeks I’ve written and edited nearly 40 features. Here they are…

11 July – 29 July 2011, MailOnline, by Daisy Dumas:

Kirsten Dunst tells Elle about her broken heart

James Hotel has a tanning concierge

Petra Ecclestone ‘is privileged, not spoilt’

Snail slime is new beauty trend

Gwyneth Paltrow’s expensive beauty secret

Male breast surgery

Women’s midlife suicide rates rise

New York’s fashionable cycle hire scheme

Big Sexy obese ladies reality show

Bootylicious trend for padded panties

Nicki Minaj and Ricki Martin new faces of Mac

Russian Dolls reality show

Lipstick lines begin beauty empires

Imelda Marcos eat your heart out – the woman with 700 pairs of Louboutins

Michelle Obama joins Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Men and women do the same amount of housework

Short maternity leave is bad but head back to work is good for new mothers

Alexander McQueen exhibition has half-a-million visitors

Boredom diet – eat the same foods every day and you could lose weight

Drew Barrymore heads up Neiman Marcus campaign

Victorian bodice rippers – how to remove a corset

Canned calm – relaxation drinks new trend

Swizz Beatz thinks he’s Lagerfeld

Work on your height – helpful advice of modelling camp

Wendi Deng’s slap boosts her movie

Netflix for baby clothes

Women’s World Cup team loses with dignity

Courteney Cox’s beauty secret

Kim Kardashian without her lick of warpaint

My Strange Addiction – 24-inch nails, teddy bear mothers and adult babies

Very vintage brides – Moss and Allen’s veil trend

The 25-year-old teaching Hollywood’s star to look more beautiful

The dangers of extreme exercising

Rachel Zoe is impressed with Kate’s four outfits a day

Prince William has a makeover too


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