MailOnline, the last 8 or so months // 11 May 2012

It’s taken a while to get ’round to compiling the second of my inventories from my time at MailOnline in NYC. Here is my August to March stint, detailing hundreds and hundreds of features, all written by me (even where bylines may not hint at it)… Productivity levels were evidently teetering towards Mach Five status at the time. Enjoy. (For the first inventory, click here.)

Someone’s been hitting the gym again! The First Lady’s designer gown reveals her ever-so-toned back … http://bit.ly/x0d0FI

From runways to grocery aisles: Karl Lagerfeld discovers the ‘fascinating’ world of detergents in… http://bit.ly/wSH4MB

Bold fashion choices in the bright sunshine for new BFFs SamCam and Michelle Obama as they enjoy… http://bit.ly/ze5xO8

Revealed: The stunning $19million hoard of diamond jewels owned by reclusive heiress Huguette Clark … http://bit.ly/x3uTfr

It’s the women who wear the trousers in this special relationship: Michelle Obama and SamCam sport… http://bit.ly/ypP8YU

Second Alexander Wang worker sues designer for conditions in Chinatown ‘sweatshop’ http://bit.ly/zU5AZh

She can design, too? Pregnant Alessandra Ambrosio models her own creations for Melissa shoes http://bit.ly/xvLVuY

Some very coveted cast-offs: JFK Jr’s assistant tells how clothes were gifted to her from Carolyn… http://bit.ly/wEsGTW

Turn off your phone and stop writing to-do lists: How to focus your mind in an era of ‘hyper… http://bit.ly/xYlVQm

Girl Model: New film exposes ugly world of scouts hunting for underage talent in Siberia http://bit.ly/z4L9yI

How Ancient Roman baths are making a splash in New York (but at $75 for a two-hour session, this… http://bit.ly/zp59Px

Natalie Portman’s nose and Scarlett Johansson’s lips: The face of the ‘ideal woman’ according to… http://bit.ly/xDAtpS

The bizarre ‘Darth Vader’ visor that looks set to be the season’s most unlikely trend – but at… http://bit.ly/zkoLKc

Dance Moms hits a new low: Girls as young as EIGHT wear nude bikinis for burlesque routines http://bit.ly/xJil9s

Oops, it was the wine talking! How half of men have said ‘I love you’ by ACCIDENT http://bit.ly/z2m9J0

Carrie’s Sex and the City house could be yours for $9.65million (fabulous wardrobe and Mr Big not… http://bit.ly/yU0RCW

Frothy and fantastical, Sarah Burton triumphs for Alexander McQueen with a celebration of feather,… http://bit.ly/xRrzdH

Alexander Wang vows to fight $450million lawsuit over ‘sweatshop-like conditions’ in Chinatown factory http://bit.ly/xdFY0V

‘Brosiery’ and ‘mantyhose’ take off as men seek the warmth, comfort… and ‘fashion statement’ of… http://bit.ly/xCXEpU

Boobs http://bit.ly/As3bOq, Beer http://bit.ly/xOKTBy, Bling http://bit.ly/zKja1e and Bulges http://bit.ly/xqI5QK… My day in a nutshell

One woman’s horrific tale of sexual assault as a kitchen worker at Applebee’s – and how… http://bit.ly/yZUn0u

Where buttons come from: The mother-of-pearl shells mottled with punctures from old-fashioned process http://bit.ly/yBXuuR

The write stuff? Maison Martin Margiela designs a ‘smoking jacket’ made of blue Biro lids http://bit.ly/wWRNJh

‘Insecure tween’ who asked YouTube watchers ‘am I ugly?’ outs herself as 21-year-old arts student http://bit.ly/xVNTzm

Irish-Americans’ fury over ‘arrogant and disrespectful’ novelty St Patrick’s Day T-shirts at Urban… http://bit.ly/yl4d2V

The new Kardashians? Reality show Shahs of Sunset follows the antics of affluent Persian socialites … http://bit.ly/w3D2rw

Remember your first Easy-Bake Oven or Crayola set? FAO Schwarz celebrates 150 years with exhibit of … http://bit.ly/A6hMw5

Tory Burch’s ex-husband forced to step down from the board of her fashion empire http://bit.ly/yVxtxY

Is that what you did after the Oscars? Behind-the-scenes look at Olivia Wilde’s Revlon ad sees her… http://bit.ly/ArzTBx

Would you dare try the world’s hottest salsa? Restaurant sells condiment made with the same chili… http://bit.ly/zDwUdr

Are we hiding behind our make-up? How nearly half of women admit to disliking their own bare faces http://bit.ly/yx34vd

‘It makes you want to have sex with your husband’: How X-rated bondage novel is unlikely new fad… http://bit.ly/zgPdbW

Rise of the unintended diet pills: How did Ritalin, Wellbutin and Topamax become the new arsenal… http://bit.ly/A9LHHL

No more working-mom guilt? Eight out of ten mothers enjoy having a career and feel it sets a good… http://bit.ly/zhCxJw

‘It was a love letter to Hollywood’: Oscar-winning costume designer Mark Bridges on the wardrobe… http://bit.ly/xgMmJX

Oscars fashion 2012: From Marchesa to McQueen, the labels that ruled the red carpet… and who… http://bit.ly/zVvQ5d

TLC’s My 600-Lb Life: How Ashley realised dream of becoming a softball coach after losing 364lbs http://bit.ly/A4Sbac

From the pages of Sports Illustrated to the Prada catwalk, Anne V is Awfully Versatile http://bit.ly/ybMyqV

Divorce lawyers warn of powerful evidence of a simple SMS message or Facebook post http://bit.ly/AtlbBT

How your waiter is trained to ‘read’ your table – and the grumpier you are, the better the service… http://bit.ly/xutZym

Goodbye plastic surgery? How cutting edge technologies are taking the knife out of cosmetic procedures http://bit.ly/weAA8C

Kate Middleton’s burlesque-dancing cousin brings her striptease act to New York http://bit.ly/AcM6rr

Eat your heart out, Gatsby! A glimpse inside Tory Burch’s Jazz Age Hamptons mansion (no wonder her… http://bit.ly/x2uUhi

Blogger Tavi Gevinson, 15, stars alongside Cyndi Lauper in new Uniqlo campaign http://bit.ly/yNHhGo

Are you Mrs Just-good-enough? How almost a third of men admit they would marry a woman they were… http://bit.ly/AavJRX

How plastic surgery can shave nine years from your appearance – but that’s only if you have three… http://bit.ly/zph9jS

Cadmium in mascara, lead in lipstick, and arsenic in eyeliner: The ugly secrets that the beauty… http://bit.ly/ySU8Pe

Bribes offered by designers to persuade A-listers to wear their gowns to the Oscars http://bit.ly/wPcP5V

For the Yankees fans who have everything? Bronx Bombers to launch his-and-hers fragrances http://bit.ly/xxGTfa

Four women, New York and plenty of drama… is HBO series Girls the new generation’s Sex and the City? http://bit.ly/z797xB

‘Am I ugly?’: Worrying new trend sees tweens posting YouTube videos asking the public to comment on … http://bit.ly/x08C2S

Would you trap, kill, skin and sew your own fur? One girl’s extreme attempt to see if animal pelts… http://bit.ly/wuW4SC

Is this the heterosexual Grindr? Mobile dating app links single men and women within 100 miles http://bit.ly/AtvHup

Gigolos are on the rise as women search for no-strings-attached sex http://bit.ly/zo97Z4

It’s back to a candy-coloured childhood for Jeremy Scott as he sends Rainbow Brite and Bart Simpson … http://bit.ly/xP9Hzq

Rehab, celebrity-style – but are these luxury retreats a waste of money? http://bit.ly/A2G0lE

‘One must be interested in the world, not oneself only.’ What a woman. Zelda Kaplan, 95, dies at New York Fashion Week http://bit.ly/ylqeF2

Marc Jacobs breaks industry guidelines by sending underage 14-year-old models down the catwalk http://bit.ly/xuUMSS

My, how you’ve grown! Toddlers and Tiaras pageant moms are given beauty queen makeovers – with scary results http://bit.ly/yMW9hC

Kate Upton: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2012 cover girl’s friends staged weight gain intervention http://bit.ly/AesFm1

The Wild West meets beauty pageants as Little Miss Silver Spurs rodeo queen is crowned – but where are the … http://bit.ly/w0i9f4

Photoshop fail! Disaster becomes a model’s hands as they are airbrushed into freakish, claw-like forms http://bit.ly/yXBBfZ

‘I’m ready to risk for perfection’ Anorexia sufferers behind ‘thinspiration’ diaries explain their worrying motivations http://bit.ly/xiPLKw

‘She needs to put a comb through her hair’: Staff at high-end Neiman Marcus dish on store regular Callista Gingrich http://bit.ly/xKlTeP

Not for everyone… Thom Browne shocks at New York Fashion Week by putting deathly models in open caskets http://bit.ly/wbNu6v

Michelle Obama wears $35 Jason Wu for Target dress to Florida home dinner http://bit.ly/xoLfQS

Board games go glamorous as Diane von Furstenberg sends dominos and puzzle pieces down the catwalk http://bit.ly/ymsNsC

Dancing on ice: Fashion takes a spin at Moncler Grenoble’s show on Central Park’s world-famous skating rink http://bit.ly/yBDbCz

Top model agency defies industry guidelines banning models under 16 from the catwalk by promoting girls aged just 14 http://bit.ly/ybXqFa

Brave young breast cancer victims bare their scars in ‘beautifully disturbing’ series of portraits http://bit.ly/zBsGP1

Why doesn’t Michelle Obama just be done with it and join the cast of Glee? First Lady leads 14,000 in dance to … http://bit.ly/yCKqY1

Don’t use Photoshop to make models slimmer – but feel free to retouch my Facebook profile: Real women reveal … http://bit.ly/yjRtk5

Bye bye supersizing, hello downsizing: Cut calories by opting for smaller portions – but would you pay the same … http://bit.ly/zOL6sT

Toddlers and Tiaras accused of manufacturing drama and staging pageants to exploit ‘crazy families’ http://bit.ly/zcZcDf

Where fashion and food meet: Model Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann launches healthy pop-up eatery for New York’s … http://bit.ly/xKdfz9

Karolina Kurkova reveals how thyroid problem caused 30lb weight gain and panic attacks http://bit.ly/xoE9tb

High fashion CAN be modest, says founder of new modelling agency for Muslim women http://bit.ly/ytdyZi

Bates clan now matches family of best friends the Duggars as they welcome baby number NINETEEN http://bit.ly/zqOTGp

Amazing tale of breaking free… One woman’s explosive revelations of life in an ultra-conservative Hasidic household http://bit.ly/x0DQD9

Centurions’ helmets and cheerleaders’ leotards: Behind-the-scenes look at Madonna’s Super Bowl dressing room http://bit.ly/wUuOr8

New York tops list of best cities for shopping in the U.S. – but Indianapolis, Portland and Charlotte also get a … http://bit.ly/zXZeOD

Tempted by that doughnut? How telling yourself ‘I’ll eat it later’ will prevent you from overindulging http://bit.ly/xYRaK7

Those names sound familiar… Hollywood heirs Tuki Brando, Ethan Peck and Logan Plant take centre-stage for new Mr … http://bit.ly/yrifvi

‘I met a lot more bulimic girls doing ballet’: Hot new model lifts the lid on eating disorders in the dance world http://bit.ly/zDy8Wp

A clever twist on designer denim, or a gimmick too far? Introducing raspberry-scented scratch ‘n’ sniff jeans http://bit.ly/Ah9jQs

New book reveals surefire tricks to winning over the man of your dreams http://bit.ly/xaS2kj

How the Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite label was inspired by a coat for a Hasidic Jewish teenage boy http://bit.ly/A6yCVJ

Beware those Super Bowl snacks: Why ‘people-pleasers’ feel pressured to over-eat http://bit.ly/AeOC90

Not-so-super snacks: The foods to avoid – and what to eat instead – on Super Bowl Sunday http://bit.ly/y5GDnO

Would you reveal your morning face? The brave women prepared to show the world what they look like when they wake up http://bit.ly/y0lHlT

How I lost 500lbs: Morbidly obese Texan mother reveals her stunning transformation http://bit.ly/AlcRne

The couple that argues together stays together: How bickering could be the key to a long and healthy marriage http://bit.ly/Ai3dLU

‘The truth can’t hurt them anymore’: How a 1940s U.S. Marine-turned-rent boy ‘had threesomes with Edward and Wallis’ http://bit.ly/xI1CvZ

Cindy Barshop’s fox fur merkins are given a faux makeover as PETA claims victory over bizarre beauty fad http://bit.ly/wkuQ6O

The race to lose A TON: Morbidly obese at over 600lbs, four of the world’s heaviest people attempt to change http://bit.ly/zb2dS3

Could your friends be making you sick? Toxic relationships are linked to cancer, depression and heart disease http://bit.ly/zEvhr3

How wedding planners for JFK Jr and Carolyn Bessette kept details of the big day secret http://bit.ly/zbUPOb

How teenagers are sneaking alcohol into school by soaking gummy bears in vodka http://bit.ly/AEvYHv

How wearing high heels regularly can ruin the way you walk – even after you take them off http://bit.ly/xVocC7

French Elle accused of racism after suggesting that the Obamas are first African-Americans to be fashionable http://bit.ly/zOsjhO (Drudged)

PBS is forced to pull ‘unauthorised’ Downton Abbey jewellery line after show producers object http://bit.ly/xaUw9o

It’s not me, it’s you: New app promises to help find out why your relationship ended http://bit.ly/yNBYRD

Feeling broody? Chelsea Clinton visits premature babies at children’s hospital during tour of Ukraine http://bit.ly/wBmW63

Meet the woman who literally throws herself at men (but it’s all in the name of art) http://bit.ly/yqNUmC

How THREE-QUARTERS of tweens are skipping sunscreen in bid for ‘fashionable’ tanned look http://bit.ly/y5Wv32

Forget celebrity fashion lines – Jessica Alba is channeling her creative instincts into designing eco-friendly diapers http://bit.ly/yjesKT

How shopaholic mother squandered daughter’s $150,000 college fund on ‘meaningless’ purchases in just ONE YEAR http://bit.ly/wC3idb

How teenage couples are sharing passwords as a sign of love – but may come to regret it when things turn sour http://bit.ly/wAPNd5

Why size 2 is the ideal figure for awards season (but designers admit that dressing larger women is more fun) http://bit.ly/xnjh4r

‘C’est Colonel Gaddafi, n’est-ce pas?’ Fashion assistant reveals how Libyan dictator almost ruined a Paris photo shoot http://bit.ly/zIjSnL

I heart baby: Mothers mark their love in ink as Hollywood trend for ‘mommy tattoos’ spreads http://bit.ly/zpA0RL

New figures show ONE THIRD of teen moms failed to use birth control because they believed they could not get pregnant http://bit.ly/wR5f2M

‘We learned that whatever we did with our kids, to do the opposite’: Grandparents take baby classes http://bit.ly/Amq2e5

Merkins are back – I kid you not http://bit.ly/xVKvb8

‘Yes, it’s expensive… But I could smile without crows feet!’ One woman reveals why she began using Botox in her 20s http://bit.ly/wRXLC4

Are dads to blame for unhealthy kids? New study shows obese fathers more likely to have overweight children http://bit.ly/xyPfm1

‘This magazine has the devil written all over it’: Cosmopolitan should only be sold to over-18s, says Christian model http://bit.ly/zPUCMs

Mother-of-six thought husband was having affair… but he had a brain tumour http://bit.ly/wR9hpT

Designer, stylist and hairdresser -and that’s just the fitting: Heidi Klum on effort behind flawless Golden Globes look http://bit.ly/zSYuhr

Want a long and happy life? Head to Raleigh, North Carolina, America’s healthiest city for women http://bit.ly/xmsBUQ

‘Organic’ sperm donor who has fathered 14 children admits he is a 36-year-old VIRGIN http://bit.ly/zWGlJK

Yummy mummies take to the catwalk as New York Fashion Week set to star a mothers-only runway show http://bit.ly/x4WAKh

Motorcades at parent-teacher conference are SO embarrassing: Michelle Obama on how daughters hate Presidential fanfare http://bit.ly/z8WDy9

Top fashion bloggers and real-life couple Garance Doré and The Sartorialist pay homage to love in shoot for Tiffany’s http://bit.ly/w8z8Ja

Meet the blogger who radically transforms herself for online make-up tutorials http://bit.ly/y8KFso

‘Gypsies live, live, live for bling’: Rivalry and cleavage in excess in first look at My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding http://bit.ly/wpX8o5

‘Marshmallows are the new cupcakes’: Gourmet sugary puffs set to take New York’s artisan bakeries by storm http://bit.ly/y8ZQ9I

Steamy clinches and smouldering Lotharios: What classic literature can teach us about real-life love prospects http://bit.ly/wdA8aI

Meet the woman who is sleeping with her sperm donor: How a desperate quest for a baby led to an unlikely union http://bit.ly/xCKgAJ

Evangelical pastor under fire from Christians over sexually-explicit guide to marriage http://bit.ly/wXfdpZ

New York waiter lifts the lid on VIPs, tip systems and how some diners vomit up $500 meals http://bit.ly/zK5Jdc

Strokes, retina damage and trapped nerves: Is yoga doing us more harm than good? http://bit.ly/xBO0pP

Meet the fake Drake: How one amateur make-up artist transformed herself into the hit rapper http://bit.ly/yKAVRr

Don’t look bored, tug at your girdle or use the car mirror to fix your make-up, instructs 1938 guide http://bit.ly/zEwuzK

As Vogue amputates a leg in yet another Photoshop fail, what REALLY goes on in a professional retouching studio http://bit.ly/tv5FrY

DKNY gets a sporting chance to give New York Rangers’ kit a fashion makeover http://bit.ly/rJXxQl

Billionaire heiresses Petra Ecclestone and Ekaterina Rybolovleva have both purchased homes in the U.S. worth over $80m… http://bit.ly/tsOnd2

‘I’ve never asked for any help’: Christmas comes early for mother-of-thirteen as her home is given a charity make-over http://bit.ly/t3Pj7d

‘You’re my Christmas miracle baby’: How father saved nine-weeks-premature son’s life by giving him mouth-to-mouth http://bit.ly/ssglUq

All I want for Christmas is a tummy tuck: How Botox and cosmetic surgery are now topping many women’s gift lists http://bit.ly/sNj8Nb

Fashion’s favourite nonagenarian hits the big time as MAC launches Iris Apfel-designed new range of make-up http://bit.ly/ufs0qn

New make-up line for women over 60 promises secret of ageing gracefully…really? http://bit.ly/syzr5Q

Why coffee is GOOD for you and natural sea salt is a waste of money: New book unravels diet and nutrition myths http://bit.ly/uW1CaS

Happy Holidays, Scrooge: TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates exposes the tightest money-savers in America http://bit.ly/va7tXq

Marriage proposal rejected live on the Ellen Show turns out to be an elaborate hoax http://bit.ly/uWhrqQ

What IS in your 100 per cent pure, natural OJ? How juices are held in tanks for up to a year and heavily processed http://bit.ly/sAKsQN

When Chewbacca met Wonder Woman: New TLC show charts the weird and nerdy world of Geek Love http://bit.ly/rLlmQy

Leave cellphones – and food allergies – at the door: Why gluten-free diets are not welcome chez Martha Stewart http://bit.ly/tmEjdj

Forget the kids! New Toddlers & Tiaras series sees pageant MOMS take centre stage with F-word rants http://bit.ly/uhbKl4

Are they REALLY just good friends? Just-separated ski star Lindsey Vonn already rumoured to be dating Tim Tebow http://bit.ly/rtl7fm

H&M forced to defend Girl With The Dragon Tattoo fashion line after rape victim accuses chain of glamorising attacks http://bit.ly/tLJtq0

Rollercoaster, sushi bar and bowling: Meet the parents spending $40,000 on their children’s FIRST birthday parties http://bit.ly/sELDnc

‘Bombshell’ investment banker tells Oprah how her ten plastic surgeries were an investment that transformed her career http://bit.ly/sOrIbJ

2011 was another year of wacky celebrity baby names – but what ‘outrageous’ choices for 2012’s new arrivals? http://bit.ly/tr2SAR

As elasticated waistlines swell in popularity, is Spandex to blame for the growing obesity epidemic? http://bit.ly/uPGocm

‘If I was going to eat meat, I needed to be able to kill it myself’: Former investment banker hunts for her own food http://bit.ly/tPa7ID

Watch out, Kardashians! Karl Lagerfeld is latest to kash in on the letter K http://bit.ly/vLvt6q

The Carey Mulligan cover shot that keeps resurfacing: Same photo graces front of Vogue, Elle and Glamour magazines http://bit.ly/s0lBVd

Best foot forward for fashion as Rome’s mayor orders city’s cobbled streets to be smoothed for high-heel wearers http://bit.ly/v8wrSc

‘The look this year is anorexic’: Model Coco Rocha recalls advice she was given by her own agent at age 15 http://bit.ly/rHTmV2

Christmas really DOES drive us crazy! How ‘festive hormones’ wreak havoc upon stress, fatigue and happiness levels http://bit.ly/uY9i5B

Clair Huxtable, style icon: Cosby Show matriarch is star of new blog http://bit.ly/tbZqpm

As America’s Next Top Model crowns Lisa its All-Star winner, former judge Janice Dickinson claims competition is rigged http://bit.ly/uW41XF

Dinner in the dark: New Manhattan restaurant serves meals in pitch black and is staffed by blind people http://bit.ly/s6fhRc

‘It was not sexy – it was meant to be comical’: ‘hooker outfit’ Toddlers and Tiaras mother defends herself http://bit.ly/utn735

Cereal offenders: The popular children’s breakfasts that contain more sugar than a Twinkie bar in ONE serving http://bit.ly/sv3OSK

Move over white, red and rosé, there’s a new drink in town: Orange wine is sommeliers’ hippest new tipple http://bit.ly/vgvmlI

What people called sexual harassment, we called compliments’: Paulina Porizkova reveals warped flattery http://bit.ly/vVe2Po

‘It’s the first time I’ve felt sexy in years’: 252 pound pole dancer takes on the competitive circuit http://bit.ly/sZ3lAP

Scientists reveal what your child’s temper tantrum means (and how to get them to stop screaming) http://bit.ly/s8HEP9

Anorexia reality show Starving Secrets slammed by eating disorders group for ‘putting ill people on television’ http://bit.ly/rDrCMK

We’re 30, celibate and proud: Meet the four women whose confessional blog has made them stars of Virgin Diaries http://bit.ly/vPtVHA

From Pretty Woman and Atonement to The Seven Year Itch, the most unforgettable dresses of all time http://bit.ly/vlYE7k

How would Victoria’s Secret Angels shape up if they gained 100 pounds each? Models are given the FatBooth treatment http://bit.ly/rBOfPN

The couple that keep on giving – the first kiss virgins are back http://bit.ly/sO47uA

Shit my kids ruined: How one mom’s hilarious anecdotes turned into best-selling book http://bit.ly/sra6dw

‘We don’t have the same payscale’: World’s highest-earning plus-size model on why skinny peers always make more money http://bit.ly/sYIJV6

Salons offer eyebrow plucking and even bikini waxing for girls as young as ELEVEN (and moms don’t seem to mind) http://bit.ly/uz5jVd

We three s’mores of Orient are… Could these be the worst nativity scenes of all time? http://bit.ly/rVtodN

All I want for Christmas is you: Single women advertise on Craigslist for temporary holiday boyfriends http://bit.ly/tD7lLC

Foundation transformation: How model with severe acne masks scars with incredible make-up application http://bit.ly/sbDW19

How single girl slashed her spending by $1,200 a month by making http://Match.com dates buy her dinner every night http://bit.ly/spWsNT

Wayne Gretzky’s daughter Paulina deletes racy Twitter account, disappointing 24,000 (mostly male) fans http://bit.ly/tOqVvQ

If you like him, put a ring on it: Introducing ‘mangagement’ rings – engagement bands for MEN http://bit.ly/rQfRTC

Now we can all get Michelle Obama’s look! Editor reveals fashion secrets in first book dedicated to First Lady’s style http://bit.ly/uNZWB1

‘It’s a national epidemic’: Why Americans are being ­diagnosed as sex ­addicts in ­record numbers http://bit.ly/rYoPOL

Mazel tov! New York’s first ‘Big Fat Jewish Wedding Expo’ will see rabbis battle for business from kosher couples http://bit.ly/tATl4u

Is this the most awkward first kiss ever? Newlyweds show us how not to do it http://bit.ly/tMWIUN (brilliantly funny)

Anorexia would have killed me’: Actress Tracey Gold reveals motivation behind eating disorders reality TV show http://bit.ly/vckCkT

How thousands of parents are skipping vaccinations for their children over fear of dozens of shots by the age of six http://bit.ly/usQg5N

How Mary Quant was inspired by an anonymous tap dancer to invent the miniskirt http://bit.ly/rvw2rt

Puppy is rescued from war-torn Iraq to live with fallen soldier’s family in New Hampshire http://bit.ly/vUIT2D

Best-selling author loses $14million lawsuit alleging ‘psychic’ ex-lover duped him out of fortune http://bit.ly/sDlaRx

Ten years since death of first American in Afghan War, CIA calls for donations for families of fallen agents http://bit.ly/rSqI4E

Occupy Black Friday protesters no match for thousands of Macy’s bargain hunters, plan for ‘buy nothing day’ falls flat http://bit.ly/vlSLhm

Breaking Dawn, The Muppets and Happy Feet Two expected to be Thanksgiving box office hits http://bit.ly/rWcqsX

The 52-year-old pantry lightbulbs that refuse to go out http://bit.ly/v7hCkm

AT&T and T-Mobile merger deal on the brink of collapse as antitrust lobby gains momentum http://bit.ly/ubPCqp

Jilted lover got FBI to arrest her ex at the airport by suggesting he was terrorist threat http://bit.ly/v21Uzk

Mark Kelly and Piers Morgan blast Sarah Palin for ‘not bothering to pick up the phone’ over crosshairs map http://bit.ly/sZxSAw

American-Egyptian columnist and activist beaten and sexually assaulted by Cairo police http://bit.ly/w2Wbu1

How women are instinctively programmed to be ‘bitchy’ about sexy peers http://bit.ly/vJSI1X

As towering heels are linked to poor economy, is trend for flats a sign of better times to come or long-term austerity? http://bit.ly/vvO5oT

Michele Bachmann brings out the war paint as she cakes on the make-up for GOP debate http://bit.ly/vg3218

Is Chelsea Clinton putting career before kids? Husband Marc Mezvinsky ‘has to schedule appointment just to see her’ http://bit.ly/u4g9Yf

We’ll be taking the chiffon, not the sequins, then: Pop-up store sells designer clothes by weight http://bit.ly/rESztu

How adoptive mothers are learning to breastfeed their new babies http://bit.ly/tXaZvp

‘I feel like I’m deformed down there’: Reality TV show sees woman get plastic surgery on her genitalia http://bit.ly/vQgQkq

How to look like a wedding Bella: $799 replica of Breaking Dawn gown hits stores just days after movie release http://bit.ly/uHsp0A

Missed it in store? $129 Versace for H&M jacket worn by Kanye West and Swizz Beatz now on eBay for $800 http://bit.ly/upq8mV

Is this the most annoying Black Friday ad ever? Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ is catchy soundtrack to new Kohl’s commercial http://bit.ly/vgsFVc

Let the takeover begin! First look at Lady Gaga’s outlandish holiday transformation of Barneys New York http://bit.ly/uCGq9U

Would you call your child Loving or Brave? Adjectives, cowboys and modern heroes top baby name trends for 2012 http://bit.ly/uno38d

Lippin’ La Vida Loca: First look at Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin’s MAC Viva Glam lipstick campaign http://bit.ly/rt8Blg

Parents furious after new campaign suggests co-sleeping is as dangerous as babies sleeping with knives http://bit.ly/udptH4

‘I feel beautiful’: How teenage girl beat addiction to food and lost 85lb in just 110 days http://bit.ly/ukoS5m

Kim Kardashian sued for making false claims over laser hair removal product http://bit.ly/sWr0ij

Water polo players, Hollywood sirens and shameless flirts: LIFE’s sexiest photos of all time http://bit.ly/vu4MWo

‘I feel sorry for these very young girls’: Vogue cover girl Marisa Berenson on the ‘cold business’ of modelling http://bit.ly/rJawZS

Colorado store sparks outrage by selling crotchless thong panties for CHILDREN http://bit.ly/vlyM6L

Adriana Lima says ‘crazy’ liquids-only Victoria’s Secret diet was a ‘misunderstanding’ http://bit.ly/tE4F1t

Lady Gaga parts ways with star creative director Laurieann Gibson after ‘heated argument’ http://bit.ly/ue7CgN

Beware the dangers to travellers therein! 19C ‘Map of Woman’s Heart’ charts treacherous grounds of a lady’s character http://bit.ly/s5swEi

‘I’m sorry, but guys are tons of work’: Sister Wives stars say they would never consider ‘brother husbands’ http://bit.ly/uonl0q

Forget Nigella, Liz Taylor was the first Domestic Goddess: Dead celebrities’ favourite recipes revealed in new cookbook http://bit.ly/rPHlaZ

‘The unspoken code is that a good soldier will have an abortion’: How U.S. soldier battled to keep her Iraq war baby http://bit.ly/viuaEJ

Keith’s angels: Rolling Stone wife Patti Hansen poses with daughters Theodora and Alexandra on Town & Country cover http://bit.ly/upBB8S

Caviar, retinol and glamorous packaging: Since when did lipsticks cost $60? http://bit.ly/tb6GrA

Hijabs, mosques and malls: Michigan’s Muslim community to star in new TLC reality show http://bit.ly/ruTQRK

Japanese cosmetic trend for ‘sexy’ child-like look fuels demand for CROOKED teeth http://bit.ly/sv6k4b

$3,800 biker jackets and $500 handbags: Gucci opens first standalone CHILDREN’S boutique in New York http://bit.ly/vIL5Rn

‘By the age of 17, most girls have had surgery’ Behind-the-scenes at Colombia fashion week reveals butt implants galore http://bit.ly/shbuJB

Olsen twins top Vogue’s best dressed list as magazine celebrates world’s most stylish sisters http://bit.ly/tQwsiT

Monster-like creatures and giant wigs: Lady Gaga transforms Barney’s for holiday season http://bit.ly/up6CBv

Women are ‘having sex out of obligation, not enjoyment’: How fun in the bedroom has slipped down list of priorities http://bit.ly/scjgmn

Black Friday madness takes grip as Macy’s, Gap, Kohl’s and Target announce midnight store openings http://bit.ly/ttCggd

Former anorexic Tracey Gold mentors other women through eating disorder battles in emotional new reality series http://bit.ly/vG9vDZ

Two million crystals, 69 outfits and 31 sets of angel wings: How $12million Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show stacks up http://bit.ly/vzgqRf

‘Rachel Zoe won’t let me wear maternity clothes’: Jennifer Garner on her stylist’s strict rules for pregnancy dressing http://bit.ly/rVwG7u

Female boxers furious after sporting body says it may force women fighters to wear skirts in the ring http://bit.ly/rR9HTF

Supersized model describes horror after discovering her ‘scary’ image was used to promote extra-marital cheating site http://bit.ly/vPHr8k

DC leads list of most shopaholic cities in America – and New York doesn’t even make it into top ten http://bit.ly/rLUMws

From the catwalk to the big screen: Marc Jacobs set to make acting debut in Disconnect http://bit.ly/uJ9SZ9

Children with depressed fathers more likely to have emotional and behavioural problems http://bit.ly/w38hVG

An emotional Gisele lends her best modelling tips to a group of young cancer patients http://bit.ly/taVM4N

Beware the ‘quadraboob’! Lingerie boutique warns against the perils of bra malfunctions in unusual new campaign http://bit.ly/sHqXyW

Is McDonald’s telling McFibs? Humane Society says chain’s main pork supplier is ‘abusing animals and lying to the public’ http://bit.ly/uZoYk1

Kurse of the Kardashians: Cut-price Vera Wang-designed replicas of Kim’s wedding dresses feared to be bad luck http://bit.ly/sMJv2Z

Forget Atkins, Caveman and maple syrup diets: League table reveals balance is key to healthiest weight-loss regimes http://bit.ly/ub7E5K

HALF of Americans would agree to law requiring women to ditch maiden names after marriage http://bit.ly/tNLUAk

Karlie Kloss is in and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s out as latest Victoria’s Secret show line-up is revealed http://bit.ly/vRKUpS

Introducing Grapples – the (expensive) apples that think they’re grapes http://bit.ly/vajlpK

Will Kim Kardashian’s divorce damage Vera Wang’s reputation? How brands that cashed in on star’s wedding could suffer http://bit.ly/ufxUIs

Nineties model Carré Otis claims man who raped her when she was 17 was agent Gérald Marie – Linda Evangelista’s ex http://bit.ly/vuKtHC

J Crew boss Jenna Lyons ‘began lesbian affair BEFORE splitting from husband,’ source claims http://bit.ly/w0mYBZ

American model fired after speaking about ‘passionate’ relationship with Gaddafi’s son http://bit.ly/s5g1xw

Can the Pill ruin your sex life? How hormonal contraception can make you less likely to reach orgasm http://bit.ly/tEHB7C

It’s the ultimate man-icure – but will guys be sold on ‘masculine’ nail polish? http://bit.ly/vOMfPH

Loving family, good friends and of course, a healthy income: The lifestyle balance that makes women truly happy http://bit.ly/u9aGd3

Should we all be taking prenatal vitamins? Mindy Kaling reveals unlikely hair care tip http://bit.ly/s0ZtJK

‘I can’t live Material Girl down – people think I’m superficial’: Madonna acts up in spoof video for model search http://bit.ly/vvSVi0

No wonder she’s strong! Father-of-two makes bodybuilding comeback… as a transgender woman http://bit.ly/vRRWu8

The taste of Thin Mints without calories? Girl Scouts launch cookie-flavoured lip balms http://bit.ly/seK68E

Do not read if you’re single, lady: How there aren’t enough good men out there http://bit.ly/vonNto

When tattoos and androgyny mix: Zombie Boy and Andrej Pejic, join forces for new campaign http://bit.ly/uTKNtj

Small wonders: Photographer recreates Hollywood landmark moments… replacing celebrities with toddler lookalikes http://bit.ly/uRryXc

High class Heinz? Ketchup gets gourmet makeover with new balsamic vinegar variety http://bit.ly/vq8rWY

A word from the (very) busy couple: Professional letter writers take chore out of wedding thank you notes http://bit.ly/stL1dk

Not so novel: Gatsby, Atticus and Darcy top list of baby names as parents draw on favourite books for inspiration http://bit.ly/uDnYhj

Men are just as likely to suffer from binge eating disorder as women – but less likely to seek help http://bit.ly/sOtQfs

More Don Drapers in the world? Yes please! Guys’ guide to love says men should date like Mad Men in post-SATC age http://bit.ly/vMqZvy

Perfume in a pill? ‘Swallowable fragrance’ capsule promises to turn sweat into scent http://bit.ly/tnfLaa

‘When I walk down Fifth Avenue in the summertime I just want to throw up’ Iris Apfel, you are brilliant http://bit.ly/rDjgEp

Missoni, Versace and Jason Wu are all at it… But are cut-price collaborations DAMAGING designer brands’ images? http://bit.ly/uSQKM6

Watch out Dad! Meet the three-year-old male model’s son who wears Chanel, walks runways and is muse to Karl Lagerfeld http://bit.ly/vTHFkw

‘It’s supposed to be funny’: Alexis Stewart insists scathing account of mother Martha in new book was just a ‘joke’ http://bit.ly/uGTflu

Barking mad! Jeremy Scott designs animal sneakers for Adidas… and models them on a dog http://bit.ly/qvXhBl

How I lost 150lb… one byte at a time: Once-obese teen writes weight-loss book inspired by concept of video games http://bit.ly/pXhiKB

Want to avoid restaurant menu rip-offs? Skip side dishes, order red meat and treat yourself to dessert http://bit.ly/p7C6CB

She doesn’t want to be known as Mark’s sister anymore… but what does Randi Zuckerberg plan on doing with her life? http://bit.ly/nF0bz1

101 uses for my ex-wife’s wedding dress: Husband turns pain of divorce into hilarious new book http://bit.ly/qzhjq6

Can we control the timing of childbirth? How women may be avoiding having Halloween babies http://bit.ly/qOGGQ8

‘Every time I go to bed with a guy, I’m looking at my dad’s name on their underwear’:Trouble with Calvin Klein as a dad http://bit.ly/r0oqjU

When will fashion firms let go of the ‘girls are bad at math’ idea? Forever 21, JC Penney and now Life:Curated http://bit.ly/nkglB7

Is Starbucks about to have more fun? Chain launches milder ‘blonde’ coffee http://bit.ly/nFb4Bi

How personal trainer made himself obese… to understand what being fat feels like http://bit.ly/qYYU3s

DIY campaign for Rag & Bone sees Miranda Kerr photographed by husband Orlando Bloom and fellow model Lily Aldridge http://bit.ly/r1g9RP

Michelle Obama on vanity, chocolate and how President doesn’t like daughters to watch the Kardashians http://bit.ly/qL9crc

‘Oh my God, is that me? I can’t look’: How Michelle Obama’s vanity drives her to exercise http://bit.ly/nocxx1

Brand St Croix accused of ‘cashing in’ on Steve Jobs’ death over claims that late Apple founder wore its turtlenecks http://bit.ly/roEkq0

A tall order for even the most fashionable of gentlemen: High heels for men are on the rise http://bit.ly/oAmF6G

Anderson Cooper spooked by mom Gloria Vanderbilt as she reveals she was ‘contacted by Marilyn Monroe’ via medium http://bit.ly/rcsAwy

Adam Levine’s missing torso, Kristen Stewart’s amputated arm and Beyoncé’s thighs – the latest round of Photoshop fails http://bit.ly/pET1aU

High necklines and low hemlines: The rise of Mormon ‘modesty blogs’ – and the fashion is bang on trend http://bit.ly/qXB64S

Gap’s woes continue as retail giant plans closure of a fifth of U.S. stores, but will triple number of outlets in China http://bit.ly/pmTj8R

Battered, bruised & swollen: After a month of Fashion Week shows, models’ feet reveal ugly toll of walking top runways http://bit.ly/ohdbq8

The problem with ‘retail scalping’ – & why it may be cheaper to save for real Missoni than buy its Target line on eBay http://bit.ly/nB6nGQ

Designer handbags at dawn: Fashion Weeks fight over dates and models as Milan rebelshttp://bit.ly/oSTF4h

Man-up! Satirical calendar shots of brawny men poke fun at Fifties pin-up poses http://bit.ly/paOkSO

How women are more sexually adventurous – and more satisfied in bed – than men http://bit.ly/nR9SCK

Now we can all wear Ryan Gosling’s Drive jacket – replicas already on sale for $160 http://bit.ly/qDzzhl

Behind the scenes with Ron Ben-Israel, cake maestro and star of TV hit Sweet Genius http://bit.ly/r8Qm8r

Men exaggerate and women play it down: Why do we still care about one’s number of sexual partners? http://bit.ly/nwA81r

Kanye West’s fashion fail: Rapper’s debut line slated by critics – but star refuses to go down without a fight http://bit.ly/nVctVl

It’s the season’s hottest trend – so when did pyjamas in public become acceptable? http://bit.ly/qBBs9A

Cancer? You’re dumped: Women six times more likely to be separated or divorced after disease diagnosis than men http://bit.ly/oNAvGW

Wear make-up and look more competent – but too much and you’ll seem dishonest http://bit.ly/qgCJQm

‘I’d rather share my husband than have a hundred men of lesser quality’: Wife of polygamist speaks out http://bit.ly/nToI8n

‘They have closets of Chanel they no longer want’: The divorcées turning bad breakups into serious profit http://bit.ly/qw3nkT

Days after Michelle Obama’s Target visit, First Lady favourite Jason Wu announces collaboration with retail giant http://bit.ly/nxzUN4

‘What will I do with a boy?’ Mother breaks social taboo by admitting disappointment at not having a baby girl http://bit.ly/mUNe11

Three clicks and they could be yours: Judy Garland’s Wizard of Oz ruby slippers to be auctioned for $2 – $3million http://bit.ly/mT7UdX

It’s chatterbox women who are most addicted to social networking – but men prefer staying in touch by phone http://bit.ly/pWDJ7Y

Rush to buy Alexa Chung fashion line crashes Madewell website (but is it a genuine technical glitch or just hype?) http://bit.ly/oqmNRT

Dolce and Gabbana announce closure of lower-priced D&G diffusion line http://bit.ly/pTTfcp

Cecil Beaton photographs of Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol and Audrey Hepburn to go on show at New York museum http://bit.ly/qhGp4y

Michelle Obama dazzles New York in $42,150 diamond bracelets (and puts young jeweller on the map) http://bit.ly/nd7vPD

How a mother’s pre-emptive double mastectomy led her to design range of sexy swimwear for cancer sufferers http://bit.ly/qzvRrs

Stella McCartney designs costumes for Beatle father’s ballet score debut (and there’s not a tutu in sight) http://bit.ly/oipipf

Costume store forced to drop controversial ‘Anna Rexia’ Halloween outfit after fury from eating disorder support group http://bit.ly/o77ZNa

New mother Ivanka Trump leads the style set at star-studded New York charity gala http://bit.ly/oAKrK0

No sign of the Duchess, but SamCam represents Erdem’s famous fanbase at London Fashion Week show http://bit.ly/prqr1P

Inside the mind of a woman on death row: TLC show Prison Diaries reveals shocking reality of life awaiting execution http://bit.ly/o6kkfV

Nothing like a bit of slap: Bizarre Thai beauty treatment sees therapist HIT breasts to make them larger http://bit.ly/qgSCmk

$85 for a coffee-stained T-shirt? Starbucks collaboration with top fashion designers has some odd results http://bit.ly/oFJiGB

‘If you’re rich and connected, tell the world, “F**k off!”‘: NYC socialite slammed for praising daughter’s swearing http://bit.ly/pWiKBq

Time to break The Rules: Why sleeping with a man on the first night is no dating disaster http://bit.ly/pabF6i

The latest trend all tied up: How the superbow has become a celebrity favourite http://bit.ly/nPtGiN

Trading combats for couture, the women veterans who reported for duty at New York Fashion Week http://bit.ly/qiJHIK

Arab Israeli model Huda Naccache breaks new ground by wearing bikini on cover of Arab magazine, Lilax cover http://bit.ly/odteKL

‘It’s about time someone did this’: Exclusive photos from first Arab magazine cover to feature model wearing a bikini http://bit.ly/odteKL

Ralph Lauren’s wife congratulates him with a kiss after romantic Great Gatsby-themed show at New York Fashion Week http://bit.ly/pFtZZn

Heidi Klum, Cameron Diaz and Piers Morgan top list of most dangerous stars in cyberspace http://bit.ly/qOXg4s

Same hair, same glasses, same cheekbones: Is Helena Christensen morphing into Sarah Palin? http://bit.ly/rpkDng

Makers of mobile apps that promised acne cure fined for ‘baseless’ claims http://bit.ly/n2EyVN

It’s clearly a favourite frock – but which Kardashian wore Kardashian Kollection dress best? http://bit.ly/nP7OWa

Rise of the not-so-private private parts: How companies are cashing in by breaking feminine taboos http://bit.ly/nQm5vU

Plastic surgeon opens ‘bank’ to save fat removed in liposuction for future cosmetic procedures http://bit.ly/qRi3e1

Missed out on Missoni the first time round? Head to eBay where 31,000 items from sold-out Target range are up for grabs http://bit.ly/nYXbEa

‘It’s not beautiful at all’: A Model Life show exposes ugly underbelly of modelling industry http://bit.ly/qdMjBA

Michelle Obama favourite Barbara Tfank sends Elizabeth Taylor lookalikes down catwalk at New York Fashion Week http://bit.ly/osjBSL

Baker Street trench and the Portobello dress: Louise Roe takes a lead from London style for new HSN fashion line http://bit.ly/obihBR

Way off Target: Missoni collaboration crashes retail giant’s site within moments of eagerly-awaited fashion launch http://bit.ly/pNNYwl

Marc by Marc Jacobs weaves retail magic as Betsey Johnson throws out the rule book http://bit.ly/q027oM

But she can’t even sit up yet! Two-month-old baby Harper Seven Beckham ALREADY tops list of hot celebrities under 25 http://bit.ly/noUDXZ

Will this be the new Gossip Girl? Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries to be made into TV series http://bit.ly/qBWhks

Superga gets the superstar treatment as Olsen twins become tennis footwear brand’s creative directors http://bit.ly/oAbjV4

Transsexual model Lea T poses on Ipanema Beach in new Blue Man swimwear campaign http://bit.ly/nCDMnw

That Seventies show: DKNY channels hippy chic with wide-brimmed hats and retro prints at New York Fashion Week http://bit.ly/nPVOAl

Uzbekistan dictator’s daughter forced to cancel New York Fashion Week show following human rights protests http://bit.ly/ov1fC2

Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors top list of fashion’s most influential – Project Runway beats the lot http://bit.ly/nn3T4q

Wendi Murdoch on her childhood, her daughters and being best friends with Nicole Kidman http://bit.ly/nEDZ6S

And it’s off! Celebrities out in force as New York Fashion Week gets under way with BCBG show http://bit.ly/qRpP91

American Apparel’s search for plus-size model may be won by spoof entry intended as campaign AGAINST controversial brand http://bit.ly/pqfyGn

‘He’s a sweet guy – as long as you’re not a woman’: Karl Lagerfeld delivers his verdict on DSK http://bit.ly/r73w4Y

‘No harm was done’: Mother defends dressing daughter, three, as prostitute for Toddlers and Tiaras beauty pageant http://bit.ly/n3R3ZF

Mother ‘prescribes’ coffee to counter the effects of seven-year-old son’s ADHD http://bit.ly/qmT4Aq

UPDATE PTC reacts to: Mother dresses girl aged THREE as prostitute in Toddlers and Tiaras pageant http://bit.ly/omkPtm

From fashion blogger to magazine editor-in-chief: 15-year-old Tavi fits Rookie site around school, dinner and bedtime http://bit.ly/pUdXWI

Mother dresses girl aged THREE as PROSTITUTE in Toddlers and Tiaras pageant http://bit.ly/ofZVRG

‘How did I survive without this child?’: Rachel Zoe shows off new son Skyler on live TV http://bit.ly/okgtG5

Susan Sarandon turns her hand to modelling for Uniqlo’s new Voices of New York campaign http://bit.ly/reukAD

‘A lot of fates were changed that day’: Gwyneth Paltrow recalls encounter that saved stranger’s life on 9/11 http://bit.ly/psmLmI

All in a day’s work: From steel welding to munitions making, women’s labour circa 1941 http://bit.ly/mW1OSZ

The amazing case of the shrinking Kardashians: Did Annie Leibowitz Photoshop inches from Khloe’s 5’10” frame http://bit.ly/mQExGc

Billionairess Petra Ecclestone’s accessories line Stark to launch at New York Fashion Week http://bit.ly/rnXWhO

Paris by night: Smouldering Emma Watson comes of age in new Trésor Midnight Rose perfume http://bit.ly/q46umK

Vera Wang is kashing in on the Kardashians! Designer to sell copies of Kim’s wedding dresses at bridal store for $1,600 http://bit.ly/obbrBA

‘I have a completely new life’: Partner of fallen firefighter finds new love in 9/11 film Rebirth http://bit.ly/rpff2z

Another Vogue controversy? Anna Dello Russo offends by taping Crystal Renn’s eyes back for Japanese magazine shoot http://bit.ly/ovdqqQ

‘Connection between attractiveness and fertility is a myth’: Celebrities fuel belief that it’s easy to conceive in 40s http://bit.ly/mYNX6v

‘Air napping’ in suspended cocoons is latest craze in bid to relax and unwind http://bit.ly/n5UefA

Fake breasts & bottom padding for 4-year-old beauty queen takes TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras show to ‘new low’ http://bit.ly/qPblqa

‘Victory for women’s rights’ as JC Penney is forced to pull ‘I’m too pretty to do homework’ top http://bit.ly/peCXGe

Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite jeans label J Brand set to launch sportswear collection http://bit.ly/paeEnn

Boardwalk Empire star Paz de la Huerta learns ‘how to strategically flash lingerie’ as new face of Agent Provocateur http://bit.ly/of3YJd

‘It looks sumptuous but the script is dreadful’: On eve of W.E premiere, first review of Madonna’s Wallis Simpson film http://bit.ly/pbFLHS

I can’t get enough of this vid. Wes Anderson meets Buffalo 66 meets Little Miss Sunshine http://bit.ly/rtKij5 (Prada video)

First Sarah Palin, now Michele Bachmann: Republican’s ‘sexy’ hairdo inspires trend http://bit.ly/oGaZMo

Kooky, cute and cool: Karen Elson and Raquel Zimmerman shimmy with Alber Elbaz in Lanvin campaign video http://bit.ly/rtKij5

Going too far? V magazine features a bound and gagged Naomi Campbell on its cover http://bit.ly/mRJK0O

Vogue Italia’s shock tactics continue with Stella Tennant’s 13-inch waist, nose ring and lip stud http://bit.ly/pmaMXf

‘A true modern woman’: Julianne Moore adds timeless chic to new Talbots range http://bit.ly/qaox7B

Women lie awake worrying about finances, while men are sleepless because of… ‘nothing’ http://bit.ly/oWlXrE

Is it a shoe? Is it an ice-skate? DSquared2’s bizarre ‘Skate Moss’ boots are yours for $1,485 http://bit.ly/pAOiyw

‘Think you’re bigger and more booty-ful than the rest?’ American Apparel launches search for plus-size model http://bit.ly/p05vdp

Anna Wintour claims she is not intimidating… Vogue interns may beg to differ http://bit.ly/puVXAv

Hells Angels sues T-shirt maker Wildfox for breach of copyright http://bit.ly/nOFJbb

Mother reveals she is expecting NINETEENTH baby – despite not having health insurance for the previous ten http://bit.ly/pX9MaO

‘They might as well have called them n***** earrings’: Iman on Vogue Italia’s racial slur http://bit.ly/pkfFae

Most expensive fashion store award goes to… Oscar de la Renta (where the average customer spends $3,217) http://bit.ly/oA5iW1

Women sleep better than men – so why do they still complain about lacking a good nights’ sleep? http://bit.ly/mOK5HP

Couple with 18 children reveal they’re now praying for more http://bit.ly/qpOhYA

One for the sk8er girls: Avril Lavigne’s clothing line to show at New York Fashion Week http://bit.ly/nnJZmW

What on earth will the style set say? Victoria Beckham ordered to wear FLAT shoes to New York Fashion Week http://bit.ly/n6K34J

‘It was to make children feel better about themselves’: Author defends diet book for girls as young as four http://bit.ly/nIc4Mi

Could African mango be the weight-loss wonder fruit we have all been waiting for? http://bit.ly/rbp959

Pleeeease mum! How there are THREE different ways children nag (and ten typical parental responses) http://bit.ly/qyKlbO

Monochrome guests, meringue dress and one giant bow: Why Kim Kardashian’s wedding failed to deliver in the style stakes http://bit.ly/ovhwC4

Kim Kardashian prepares for married life by stockpiling clothes labelled ‘Mrs Humphries’ http://bit.ly/pzUfAc

Zara accused of employing children as young as 14 in ‘slave labour’ factories in Brazil http://bit.ly/osgbfo

‘Gwyneth Paltrow saved my life on 9/11’: Woman recalls her very own Sliding Doors moment http://bit.ly/q0lvmV

Underwear designer responds to controversy over lingerie range targeted at girls as young as four http://bit.ly/r6sXpX

Is Gucci’s spin on the Fiat 500 set to make the car New York Fashion Week’s hottest accessory? http://bit.ly/q7oIa6

Woody Allen’s new star Lea Seydoux appears in racy American Apparel underwear campaign http://bit.ly/mSPMt3

Say no to Botox! Kate Winslet and Rachel Weisz join forces to form British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League http://bit.ly/pnoy0F (Spiked)

Anxious, awkward or antisocial? Don’t worry – it might just save your life http://bit.ly/o8HP4e

That’s one way to avoid a Naomi moment… Balenciaga made flat shoes because Gisele refused to wear heels http://bit.ly/rk2liR

They cost up to $15,000 & Lady Gaga already has 14 pairs: Meet the man behind trend for gravity-defying heel-less shoes

‘Entirely inappropriate’: Fashion industry outraged after French label launches lingerie for girls as young as FOUR http://bit.ly/nnjw6A

Guns, gas masks and war bunkers: Meet the families who live in fear of the apocalypse http://bit.ly/p3V3Gv

Could style guide’s 12-step plan be the answer to girls’ eternal ‘I have nothing to wear’ dilemma? http://bit.ly/qZWVAf

$5,000 for yearbook photos? The teenagers who think professional senior portraits are worth every penny http://bit.ly/o18LGp

Gap Always Skinny denim? Bloggers spark fury over anorexic-looking mannequin http://bit.ly/nwd62f

Fashion chain Forever 21 accused of pushing religious agenda with Christian-themed T-shirts http://bit.ly/qOmKvJ

Autographs of today’s teen stars are atrocious, say experts who mourn loss of cursive, legible handwriting http://bit.ly/nR1ore

Widowed father of 6 adopted special needs children left speechless after local community donates $230,000 http://bit.ly/o8Apw0

Macy’s forced to apologise after hapless PR uses London riots to promote new fashion line http://bit.ly/pc5Vvh

They said he was a monster but to me he was Casanova: Meet the woman who married a man who is on death row http://bit.ly/nS1ZnG

American Apparel CEO launches a ‘Teenagers do it better’ T-shirt after string of sexual harassment claims http://bit.ly/olxEU6

The ultimate summertime splurge: World’s most expensive flip-flops will set you back $18,000 http://bit.ly/qyKucp

The childhood friendship that took The Help from best-selling book to the big screen http://bit.ly/ouHLPk

All geek and no chic: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg tops GQ magazine’s list of worst-dressed men http://bit.ly/oXVcle

Mattel’s Angel: Bikini-clad Farrah Fawcett Barbie doll becomes an instant collectors’ item http://bit.ly/ol7veO

Not what it’s cracked up to be: Why celebrity-endorsed coconut water may be less healthy than you think http://bit.ly/qfXQw2

Is this the strangest addiction of all? Meet the woman who can’t stop eating her late husband’s ashes http://bit.ly/r0FTSZ

10-year-old Vogue model’s mother shuts down Facebook fan site in response to outrage over daughter’s career http://bit.ly/rs94oV

I made a career of loving my curves – but being size 18 almost killed me http://bit.ly/qYJP4X

For all the Karl copycats out there… First look at Lagerfeld’s line for Macy’s http://bit.ly/ncW2NV

Is this the best dressing up box ever? Daphne Guinness’ couture wardrobe to be subject of new exhibition http://bit.ly/nGWZL6

Introducing Big Hair Alaska: Sarah Palin’s favourite salon gets its own reality TV show http://bit.ly/pHCXuV

‘She’s a super duper model’: Robyn Lawley becomes first plus-size beauty to grace pages of Vogue Australia http://bit.ly/o7g0Pr

How you can cry all you want – but it probably won’t make you feel any better http://bit.ly/nq6ePV

The happy hour playdate: How mothers are mixing childcare with cocktails http://bit.ly/oYN8oS

Helen Mirren, 66, wins Body of the Year, beating Elle Macpherson and Kelly Brook to the enviable title http://bit.ly/psGgN3

New documentary film, The Tents, exposes the not-so-glamorous reality behind New York Fashion Week http://bit.ly/rdhdbM

Coco Chanel biography claims to have proof fashion icon used drugs, had lesbian affairs & loved a Nazi spy http://bit.ly/ojfAeA


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