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Gourmet Traveller – and the Lower East Side // 22 September 2011

My reviews for the Gourmet Traveller Guide are out now – Australians can pick up a September issue of the glossy mag and the indispensable little gastronomic guidebook, complete with my two cents’ worth, should be attached.

Mine are a handful of Brisbane joints – some great, some not quite so. I would reveal to you which 80-word ditties are mine, but that’d be telling…

In the meantime, New York heaves and expels its daily sundown breath. The tenement-lined pavements of the Lower East Side flip into rock ‘n’ roll-soaked action and lights – millions and millions of twinkling, wobbling, green, red and yellow lights – drip in necklaces across the city’s skyline.

Elsewhere, writing coming soon (excuse the hiatus while I settle into my newfound writer’s saturation, but I am learning, gradually, to channel and push): 11 September 2011, London vs NYC vs Sydney, God Bless America.




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