The Perilous Reef, feature story // 7 June 2011

THE PERILOUS REEF Three screens are flashing images of blueness at me. Blurred smudges of azure, navy, royal and aquamarine are punctuated by snatched glimpses of fins, smatters of pink, smears of bright yellow and the white fuzz of foaming water. I’m in the BBC’s Far North Queensland editing suite near Cairns – a windowless, … Continue reading

The Underwater Project, feature story // 26 May 2011

THE SUBMERGED LENS A haze of smashed blues and whites, the bright sting of sunlight and a briny hit. The wave rolls onwards, lurching forwards with a power that seems so benign from afar. It throws itself in a powerful lunge, crashes down and topples everything in its path – but for the ocean swimmers … Continue reading

A short introduction to ocean swimming // 8 January 2011

If there’s one thing my four months in the golden land has taught me so far it is this: when an Australian says a sporting activity is just ‘good fun’ and that they are ‘unfit, will come last and haven’t done any training’, they are lying. Fact. How can I be so sure? The Newport … Continue reading

Oprah, pfffft // 21 December 2010

This little ditty, snapped (from a taxi, mind) in Melbourne, last weekend. Possibly, no, definitely, echoing what many thought of the over-hyped whirlwind that was the big O and her zealous entourage. Remind me, what exactly was all the fuss about?