Online obituary database reveals Australian stories, Australian Geographic // 21 April 2011

My piece for Australian Geographic: ALAN WADDELL STARTED walking the streets of Sydney three months after the death of Marge, his wife of 60 years. Throughout his years of quiet wandering, Alan documented every street of every suburb in Sydney, in the process photographing the quirky and the mundane – in many ways echoing another … Continue reading

Monsoons spin the earth’s plates, Australian Geographic // 15 April 2011

LONG-TERM, NATURAL CLIMATIC events can alter the motion of the earth’s tectonic plates, according to new research. An international team – led by researchers from the Australian National University – found that intensifying monsoon activity has sped up the motion of the Indian plate, which crunched into the Eurasian plate to form the Himalayas 40 … Continue reading

Termites and ants boost crops, Australian Geographic // 7 April 2011

ANTS AND TERMITES HAVE long had a bad rap for stealing picnic food and chomping through house frames, but it turns out that their services are invaluable to Australian farmers. New research from CSIRO and the University of Sydney has shown that, by performing an earthworm-like role in soil enrichment, the insects can boost crop … Continue reading

My latest Australian Geographic articles // 28 March 2011

The April/May issue of Australian Geographic features a couple of articles written by me (but sadly not bylined). Check out the pdfs of my pieces below to see how Queensland wildlife is coping with the floods and a ditty about the high-pressure world of rating tropical cyclones.