My latest Australian Geographic articles // 28 March 2011

The April/May issue of Australian Geographic features a couple of articles written by me (but sadly not bylined). Check out the pdfs of my pieces below to see how Queensland wildlife is coping with the floods and a ditty about the high-pressure world of rating tropical cyclones.

Historical treasures escape worst of Qld floods, Australian Geographic // 21 January 2011

AS SHOCKED QUEENSLANDERS PULL together to cope with the aftermath of last week’s floods, many of the State capital’s museums and libraries are breathing a sigh of relief after only minimal interruptions to usual summer business. For an unlucky few, however, the big clean up involves salvaging some precious and unwieldy exhibits. Read the rest … Continue reading

Water quality concerns plague Queensland, Australian Geographic // 16 January 2011

AN UNPRECEDENTED 7.5 MILLION tonnes of water is estimated to have fallen onto southeast Queensland in this week’s super storm, stretching infrastructure to the absolute limit. From the microscopic (Ecoli in Warra) to the bizarre (sharks in Goodna), floodwater contains a potentially dangerous cocktail of unusual contaminants and foreign bodies – and it is not … Continue reading

Australian wildlife hit hard by floods, Australian Geographic // 14 January 2011

AS FLOODS WREAK HAVOC across two thirds of Queensland, a mixed picture is building up of damage not only to property and infrastructure but to communities of animals too. Flash flooding following Monday’s super rainstorm – described as a “one-in-100-year event” by the Bureau of Meteorology – has so far claimed 15 lives and has … Continue reading