Greenhouse by Joost: all that glisters is not green // 1 March 2011

In a country that is home to the world’s biggest houses, roads full of ubiquitous 4×4 utes, a world-famous city that is crippled by its own anachronistically stunted public transport network and voracious tumble dryer usage even on 30C days, green concepts have a long, steep hill to climb before hitting mainstream palatability. So, it … Continue reading

Is that corn you’re wearing? National Geographic Green

The Autumn edition of National Geographic Green magazine hits doormats over the next week or so. In it, pp. 34 – 41, I explore the truths behind natural fibres in fashion and whether their synthetic counterparts are the devil incarnate as many presume. Is that corn you’re wearing?

Britain’s greenest festivals, National Geographic Green

It’s Glastonbury’s 40th anniversary and high time to look at how the festival industry has changed since the days of free love and free milk. Eco consciousness, it turns out, goes hand-in-hand with liberal-minded festivals. Or, view online, pages 94 – 101. And here are some snaps from this year’s Glasto-to-rival-all-Glastos Arcadia at Glastonbury, 2010, … Continue reading

Fashioned from landfill, London Evening Standard

Tesco launches a designer collection fashioned from landfill. And I am forced to model one of the dresses. London Evening Standard, 1st March 2009

London’s unsung eco heroes, London Evening Standard

We meet some of the most inspiring and motivational doers on the eco circuit and sing their praises. London Evening Standard, 3rd December 2009

We’re not saying you should, but you could, National Geographic Green

Issue 1 of National Geographic’s new eco magazine, Green, was packed full of goodness. I looked at ways to save cash and polish the eco halo… We’re not saying you should, but you could, Dec 2009, National Geographic Green

Lost anything? Lost luggage art, London Evening Standard

Designers Orsola de Castro and John Teall create art, including a fabulous wedding dress, from the contents of lost luggage at Heathrow. London Evening Standard, 17th September 2009

Recession-chic fashion, London Evening Standard

A London designer launches a range of bags and accessories made from Virgin hot air balloons and old Eurostar uniforms. London Evening Standard, 28th August 2009

Sew your own, London Evening Standard

Environmentalist John Paul Flintoff takes to the streets of the capital to promote home-made clothing – he once made his own outfit of stinging nettles. London Evening Standard, 19th August 2009