Me eating duck foetus or Hot Vit Lon // 2 May 2011

Ah, the duck foetus. Prized in Vietnam for its virility and fertility boosting properties, the last thing I expected to do on a hungover Sydney Sunday afternoon was get my teeth around a warm Hat Vit Lon. But the lovely and very persuasive Thang Ngo of Noodlies wasn’t going to let me visit Cabramatta without trying one of these fiendishly eggy, feathery, intense little morsels – and I wasn’t going to let the event go unproven.

Here I am, being slightly pathetic but giving it a go nevertheless… All in the name of research for my upcoming CNN food feature, of course.

Huge thanks to Thang for a great day and for the film – and as a little aside, the Vietnam War ended 36 years and 2 days ago – Cabramatta a direct descendent from the upheaval it caused.


6 thoughts on “Me eating duck foetus or Hot Vit Lon // 2 May 2011

  1. Nutmeg says:

    Oh my giddy Aunt. That is wrong on so many levels. Fertility and virility qualities or not.
    But you are definitely now ready for other jungle challenges. You should send that footage to Ant and Dec.
    Poor little furry fluffy feathery little thing.

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