6 Vietnamese dishes in Cabramatta, CNN // 4 May 2011

My piece for CNN: Pigs’ trotters, congealed blood cubes, clawed chicken feet and duck fetuses were once more common in Saigon than Sydney. But Cabramatta, a western suburbs enclave of all things Asian, is home to 40 per cent of New South Wales’ Vietnamese population. And where Vietnamese tread, the country’s fragrant, subtle, poignant flavours … Continue reading

Me eating duck foetus or Hot Vit Lon // 2 May 2011

Ah, the duck foetus. Prized in Vietnam for its virility and fertility boosting properties, the last thing I expected to do on a hungover Sydney Sunday afternoon was get my teeth around a warm Hat Vit Lon. But the lovely and very persuasive Thang Ngo of Noodlies wasn’t going to let me visit Cabramatta without … Continue reading